You want your website to be online on the internet? Then you need hosting.

What is hosting?

Hosting means that all the files your website persists of are saved on a server in the cloud so that your page can be reached through the internet.

What do I need?

There are many hosting provider where you can place your website. Because you do not want to transfer all your site files, data, images, etc. to a new host, this decision is important and you should take a moment to consider your decision.

But no worries, switching to another hosting company is possible.

Hosting options

There are different options to host your website.

1. Specialized Page-Builder

Website-Builder not to be confused with in-page page builder.

With this option you don’t have to worry about setting up your homepage, that will be done for you. Maybe you answer a few questions what your page will be about and then just log in and your site is ready and waiting for you filling it with content.


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2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Flexibel hosting, but specialized for WordPress. Often you have support staff specialized in WordPress and specific options and add-ons like WP-CLI.

Solution: WP Engine

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3. Self-Hosted

This is the most flexibel option, but requires the most work from you to set up your website initially.

Solution: All-Inkl

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More Advanced Options

For beginner and even more professional websites the above hosting options are fitting in most situations. The pro of them is that they are all very easy to setup and bring your WordPress page online. If you have problems with your website the provider often have a helpful support team you can contact.

Of course there are even more advanced options like VPS (virtual private server) or even full servers. But this is out of the scope for this site.